Matomo is located in the Waterberg in Southern Africa


In 2001 UNESCO designated the Waterberg area of South Africa a Biosphere Reserve. Matomo Safari Lodge lies in the heart of the Waterberg, characterised by spectacular vistas, clear streams and the rolling hills of the “Bushveld” : a savannah of grassy plains dotted by dense clusters of trees and tall shrubs. The unique climate and geographical structure of the Waterberg has created a biodiverse oasis of flora and fauna.

Matomo Lodge
Matomo Lodge


According to UNESCO there are 5 500 species of plants (of which 43 % are endemic to South Africa), over 300 species of birds and it is home to several rare, endangered and threatened species.
Here you can discover the rich biodiversity of the bushveld biome with more than 65 species of mammals including the famous Big Five (buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, and rhino) and over 300 birds such as Cape vulture, blue crane, and secretary bird.


The lodge is situated within Welgevonden Game Reserve which comprises 38’000 ha of leafy wooded mountains, grassland plains and pristine rivers.

It is home to the critically endangered black rhinos as well as cheetahs, brown hyenas and iconic African mammals such as giraffes, zebras, wildebeests and the elusive aardvark.

Matomo Lodge
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